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Welcome to the Journey

"Each day is a gift, some hard to lift." 


I will never forget these words; they were spoken by the most precious of hearts.   I still remember her face.  The sweetest little lady would greet me at the door of the Alzheimer's unit.    She was tiny in frame, but so assertive and intentional.  Her life was given as a school teacher, and still in this place of struggling to remember, she was still walking in her call, seeking to teach.  As I came in, she would take my hand, look me in the eye, and repeat this quote to me every time.  

"Each day is a gift, some hard to lift."

I have never forgotten her, or her words, as they continue to ring aloud in my ears, now 19 years later.

Upon waking, we are gifted the breath of life...with the opportunity to inspire others ,to reflect, and bring solace to the broken spirit;  bearing those treading the daily paths alongside us in our wanderings, discovering together the One True Creator, Jesus Christ.

All About Me

I am a believer. I have always loved art... I believe we are made in the image of Christ as the Bible states.  Each of us hold a facet of Jesus, that has not yet been seen or expressed in this world.  In this we are unique, created of a much to give and share.

I am a single mother of 7. I love my children. We lost Kadesh our 8 almost 9 year old son to cancer in 2018 and though time has passed, the grief of love bears the weight of his daily presence.
Kadesh loves art and we spent many hours together.  I loved watching him flourish with "Art with a Heart" on our Oncology floor at Wolfsons Childrens Hopital on Weaver 4.
It broke me to the core to hear him when asked, “who is your favorite artist Kadesh?”, and he said, “My mama is my favorite artist.”  I shook my head no, with tears beginning to well...

Once Kadesh was diagnosed with AML-M4, an Incredibly aggressive Leukemia, I had no drive for art-no drive for anything.  All I wanted was to see him T H R I VE-L I V E and H E A L.

When we lost Kadesh, the last place I wanted to come was to the canvas- because the pain was too great to bear- I had no desire.  I said I would NEVER paint again.

But the Lord gently spoke to my heart- John 17 and pressed me that where He is- Kadesh is- and where Jesus is- is in my heart- therefore Kadesh is with me- everywhere that I go- because he gave his heart to Jesus.

I hope that as you come to view my life's now beginning works, that you you see the tapestry of grace inter woven through out the strokes and colors.  Know that I am seeking to step forward in surrender.  The Lord pressed me to "Step into the grief" and to "Channel the pain"

So,  here I stand- and I stand still... and when I come to the canvas- I come quiet.
I hope to glorify the Lord with my work... but I know He has to inspire my hands as instruments to move.

My babies are the grace of my life and they are constantly whirling around me and they keep the world spinning sometimes out of complete control- but they love life and they love art and they bring joy to our home- and together we will work this through. This is my provision for them- as I stay with them at home. So I appreciate your support and your shares and likes and stopping in to say hello.

God bless your home.

"Not unto Us, O Lord, Not unto Us, but unto your name give glory, because of your mercy, because of your truth." Psalm 115:1

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